The Green Elephant Story

Finding Ourselves

“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

Many have asked me what’s the story behind my company’s logo. I have been asked enough that I believe it was worth telling my story. In the Spring of April 1985, I began accumulating elephant collectables. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, strength and power. The elephant relies on conscious thought and the virtue of patience to meet its needs, which is a powerful gift as it enables the elephant to respond to situations in both a calm and confident manner.

Elephants are able to go into a state of deep meditation and project themselves out of their bodies to seek within and out in order to acquire what exactly it is that they need. 

In late 2018, I travelled to the Republic of Kenya, in Eastern Africa shortly after learning my job had been outsourced at a company in which I had worked for more than 20 years. Responding to my own situation, I begin to rely on my faith to help me during this time of transition. I have always lived my life understanding that my job (company) was a resource but it was key to stay connected. It was my source of all resources.

While in Nairobi, I came across a story about the green elephants told to this little girl by her artist grandfather. He would create stories specifically for her. She would sit and listen to these tales, completely mesmerized, asking him to repeat them over and over again. 

Her absolute favorite, was this story which reads like this:

“Once upon a time, there were three young elephants and they were the children of a mama elephant who was yellow and a papa elephant who was blue. The children loved each other very much but one day they tired of being green and looking the same. They told their parents of this and were encouraged to express their individuality. The children were provided with paint and each one chose to
decorate themselves differently.

One chose to paint himself purple with pink polka dots. One chose to paint herself blue like her papa but add yellow stripes like her mama. The third young one looked at the paints wondering what color truly felt like her. Each brush that she picked up and readied for color didn’t feel right, so she just stared and stared at all of those colors. Her brother and sister were curious as to why she didn’t feel as inspired as they were to immediately change her color.

When the mama and papa came to see what their little ones had come up with, their two newly decorated children proudly strutted in front of their parents to show them their new colors. Their littlest child stood watching quietly and when called upon as to why she remained green, she simply said, because I love being green and changing my color does not change me.

I change me.“

The Connection

The color green is the color of life, renewal, nature, rebirth, growth & energy. It is associated with harmony, freshness, safety, prosperity, abundance, and balance. Stability and balance promotes change or growth with increased feelings of hopefulness and optimism, and breaks the emotional demands of others.

We have learned elephants have developed strong individual personalities and traits. Knowing that, I try to focus on being the best version of myself to inspire others. It is my goal to provide you with encouragement to nurture yourselves and find mental clarity and optimism while inspiring hope and power as you pursue big dreams. You are your driving force. Changing “your colors” does not change you. Only you can change you. Allow me to help you realize how powerful you truly are and to find the courage to take the steps towards professional and personal growth.